Iraq and Syria Didn’t Create ISIS — We Did

A great piece here from Professor Bülent Gökay, doing what universities do best: bringing big global events into clear focus.


Professor Bülent Gökay
Professor of International Relations – SPIRE

With the recent capture of Salah Abdeslam, thought to be the only remaining planner of the Paris massacre, the Western media has again focused on the threat of terrorist attack in Western capitals by so-called Islamic State, ISIS. This morning’s tragic events in Brussels airport and metro shocked the world and created a heightened sense of insecurity, in a similar way how it was after last year’s Charlie Hebdo terror attack in January and later Paris attacks in November by ISIS. But then, after Paris attacks, the focus of media shifted hastily elsewhere and ISIS became yesterday’s story, as if the terrorist movement had ceased to exist or disappeared in far lands not able to affect our lives any more.

In reality, ISIS has never stopped killing people brutally in large numbers since the slaughter in Paris in November last year.  It has kept murdering innocent civilians in…

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