Faculty Social Media Announcement

Social media is playing a bigger role in disseminating research, generating academic discussion, promoting events, and engaging with broader practices or issues. In response to this recognition some great work has been done in the Humanities and Social Sciences, and as we continue to develop and expand on our Faculty social media channels, we would like to inform you about how you can get involved.

We currently have the following social media channels in place:



Keele HSS Research Blog

We encourage you to like/follow us on these channels. If you have a Twitter handle, Facebook page or any other accounts associated with research projects or events you may be involved in please let us know so that we can improve cross-faculty connections and disseminate effectively.

We currently have two Twitter lists in place to make finding each other easier. This will bring together existing channels under the Faculty umbrella and facilitate searches of people interested in the Faculty’s research, and further afield. So please do tell us if you are on Twitter – a quick email with the details is all you need to do

We would like to promote the blog as a forum for everyone at all career stages to discuss research practices, reflections and issues. We are keen to hear from you with any suggestions for posts, please email research.socialmedia@keele.ac.uk.

We’re particularly keen to get posts about research projects, summer research trips, publication announcements, and any workshops or conferences you are hosting. We also strongly encourage contributions from HumSS postgraduates on any aspect of their research or research life.  For example, we’re keen to run a series of ‘survival guides’ for different aspects of PhD life (continuation, progression, teaching, working alongside research etc). Please get in touch if you have any suggestions for further topics. We are also looking forward to incorporating the use of video blogging, Vines, podcasts and interviews across our social media channels.

A note on guidelines for submissions: Posts should be 500-1000 words long, and fairly informal and accessible in tone. Please feel free to include images, videos and sound files- we are more than happy to advise on embedding various types of media in blog posts. We’ll be aiming to publish one post a week, so please get in touch with details of your proposed topic.

Finally, we’re very keen to promote events across the Faculty, and as part of this would like people to tweet or blog about seminars, conferences or other research events. If you’re interested in live-tweeting or writing a report from an event, including research seminars, please do get in touch.

We will also be updating the HUMSS website to include a list of staff and students’ research related blogs. We strongly encourage you to submit details to increase your academic online presence.

If there’s anything you’d like us to advertise on any of our channels – other than research seminars which are issued through the Weekly Research Faculty email and can be found on the HUMSS Research Calendar – we strongly encourage you to submit details to increase your academic online presence. Please email research.socialmedia@keele.ac.uk by Monday 4th July 2016, and we look forward to hearing about your current or upcoming projects.

Similarly, if there’s an event you’d particularly like to highlight, let us know and we’ll do our best to come along to take photos/videos/live tweet. We are very keen to use these channels to highlight your research, and help you make an impact!

If there are key dates (certain figures’ birthdays, important historical events etc.) that we could ‘celebrate’ via social media please do get in touch and we can discuss ways in which to publicise your research topic via the channels.

Letting us know about these types of things a couple of weeks in advance would be very helpful so that we can plan how best to schedule activity. We’re very happy to meet with anyone to talk about any ideas or requests in more detail, and if you would like any support or have any questions about using social media, we are on hand to assist.

Glenn and Hannah

Humanities and Social Sciences Faculty Social Media Team

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