Funding Opportunities – 14/09/2016


Please see below some of the funding opportunities currently available to support you. Many more opportunities can be found on Research Professional – an online funding opportunities database and alert service, to which Keele is a subscriber. All staff have access on-campus.

If you would be interested in any of these, or other funding that may be available please get in touch.

Many thanks.


AHRC New Generation Thinkers 2017

The AHRC and BBC Radio 3 are looking for applications for the New Generation Thinkers of 2017.

This pioneering scheme aims to develop a new generation of academics who can bring the best of university research and scholarly ideas to a broad audience – through BBC broadcasting. It’s a chance for early career researchers to cultivate the skills to communicate their research findings to those outside the academic community.

Each year, up to sixty successful applicants have a chance to develop their programme-making ideas with experienced BBC producers at a series of dedicated workshops and, of these up to ten will become Radio 3’s resident New Generation Thinkers. They will benefit from a unique opportunity to develop their own programmes for BBC Radio 3 and a chance to regularly appear on air.

BBC Radio 3 and its programmes Free Thinking, the Verb, the Essay and the Sunday Feature have provided a platform for debate and commentary from scholars across the world. You can listen to current New Generation Thinkers delivering Free Thinking Essays online now. You could now join them on air.

We welcome applications from researchers working in all areas of the arts and humanities. This year we are again extending the call for researchers who work in areas of social sciences and medical science whose work intersects with the arts and humanities. There are a series of interfaces, and many areas of common ground between. This can be seen in both cross-council programmes, Connected Communities and Life Long Health and Wellbeing.

Deadline: 26th October 2016


NESTA/Crowdfunder Matched crowdfunding for the arts and heritage sectors

As crowdfunding in the UK continues to grow, it is also becoming an increasingly important source of finance for arts and heritage projects. As a result local authorities, institutions, public bodies and foundations have begun to explore what this new form of finance means for the people and organisations they are supporting and how they can work with the crowd on identifying and funding worthy projects.

However, none of the matched funds to date have had a dedicated focus on arts or heritage projects. Linked to this, there has been little research done on the real impact of matched crowdfunding, such as whether or not it has the opportunity to generate more funding for the arts and heritage sector or increase awareness and public participation in supporting and initiating projects.

For further details, please see the link above.

Deadline: Depends – see link.


ESRC-DFID Development Frontiers Research Fund – call 2 Pre-call announcement

A new funding opportunity is being launched as part of a decade-long partnership between the UK’s Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) and the Department for International Development (DFID) which aims to place innovation and appetite for risk at the centre of world-class research.

Sitting within the ESRC-DFID Joint Fund for Poverty Alleviation Research, this new call will fund innovative, strategic and catalytic research that offers new ways to tackle the challenges encountered at the intersections between sustainability, poverty and conflict/fragility in specific geographic contexts.

Proposals will be invited for projects with a full economic cost (fEC) value between £200,000 and £300,000.

We intend to announce the full call for proposals in October 2016. This notice is being issued now to allow interested researchers to begin discussions with potential research partners and research users in advance of the formal call for proposals.

Deadline: 26th January 2017



AHRC Engaging with Government Programme 

The Arts and Humanities Research Council, in partnership with the Institute for Government, invites applications for its call on engaging with government. This programme is a three-day course, to be held from 7 to 9 March 2017 in London, UK, designed to provide and help participants develop the skills needed to pursue the policy implications of their research. It also aims to build links between policy makers and the most dynamic new research in the arts and humanities. The programme will:

  • encourage participants to think about the ways in which their own research could make a valuable contribution to public policy;
  • challenge participants to think in more depth about the policy process, and the role of research within it;
  • increase the influencing and communication skills that participants need to achieve this.

Early-career researchers working in any area of the council’s subject domain may apply. Applicants must be either within eight years of the award of their PhD or equivalent professional training, or within six years of their first academic appointment. Applicants must be employed in a full- or part-time postdoctoral or equivalent position at a HEI, independent research organisation or research council institute.

Funding covers course, accommodation, travel and subsistence costs.

Deadline: 7th October 2016


ESRC New and Emerging Forms of Data – Policy Demonstrator Projects

The ESRC is pleased to invite Expressions of Interest for New and Emerging Forms of Data – Policy Demonstrator Projects under Phase 3 of the Big Data Network.

The Big Data Network, funded largely through capital investment from the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (previously Department for Business, Innovation and Skills), is supporting innovative centres and other projects which are facilitating access to and analysis of different types of data, enabling internationally-leading research which addresses both key social science research questions and the challenges faced by data owners, custodians and gatekeepers.

The current activity under the third phase of the Big Data Network is concentrated on new and emerging forms of data, broadly categorised as follows:

– Internet data, derived from social media and other web-enabled interactions (including data gathered by connected people and devices, eg mobile devices, sensors, wearable technology, Internet of Things)

– Tracking data, monitoring the movement of people and objects (including GPS/geolocation data, traffic and other transport sensor data, CCTV etc)

– Satellite and aerial imagery (eg Google Earth, Landsat, infrared, radar mapping etc)

– The New and Emerging Forms of Data – Policy Demonstrator Projects will establish or build on relationships between academics and non-academics to demonstrate the potential value of new and emerging forms of data to policymaking, either in their own right or when brought together with data from other sources.

Deadline: 14th October 2016


Historic England/English Heritage/AHRC collaborative doctoral partnerships 

Historic England and English Heritage, funded through the Arts and Humanities Research Council’s collaborative doctoral partnerships, invite proposals for their research consortia studentships. These enable HEIs to be allocated a cohort of studentships for three academic years for which they will then be able to nominate projects with academic partners. Proposals should address one of the following research themes:

  • how national planning policy framework policies on the historic environment are understood, and reflected in planning decisions;
  • archaeological sites affected by coastal erosion;
  • patterns of creation and access in archaeological archives in the UK;
  • Audley End, From Monastery to Mansion – the evolution of the English country house, 1538-1750;
  • relative humidity fluctuations and preventative conservation of archaeological remains.

Researchers at a UK university and members of staff from Historic England or English Heritage may apply jointly.

A maximum of three studentships are available.

Deadline: 25th November 2016


Victoria and Albert Museum/AHRC collaborative doctoral partnerships

The Victoria and Albert Museum, funded through the Arts and Humanities Research Council’s collaborative doctoral partnerships scheme, invites proposals for its CDP studentships. These enable HEIs to invite candidates to seek funding for PhD studies conducted with the Victoria and Albert Museum and a UK university.

Proposals should be appropriate for collaborative study at doctoral level, and be relevant to both the AHRC subject areas and the V&A’s holdings. Each studentship is jointly supervised by specialists at the museum and UK HEI.

Studentship projects must be jointly proposed by a member of V&A staff and a colleague from a UK HEI.

The HEI administers the studentship, receiving funds from the AHRC for fees and to cover the student’s maintenance. The V&A also provides additional financial support to the student towards their travel and related costs in carrying out research. A maximum of five studentships are available.

Deadline: 25th November 2016


NERC Engaging the UK public with the big issues of environmental science call

The Natural Environment Research Council invites proposals for its call on engaging the UK public with the big issues of environmental science. This will support innovative public engagement projects that stimulate discussion around broad, contemporary issues raised by environmental science research that are relevant to the UK public. The aims of this call are to:

  • engage members of the UK public with relevant contemporary issues of environmental science through delivery of public engagement activity;
  • build public engagement capacity in the environmental science research community and provide opportunities for early career researchers and PhD students to develop skills, practise and embed public engagement in their research careers;
  • build partnerships between researchers and publics or public-facing groups, and between research organisations.

Deadline: 3rd November 2016


Our digest of funding opportunities is provided by Richard Smith, Faculty Research and Enterprise Officer at Keele’s Faculty of Humanities and Social Science.

If you want more information on these, or other opportunities, Richard can be contacted via email at



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