Funding Opportunities – 20/09/2016

Me hearties,

Tenuous emails trying to use the likes of Kylie Minogue and Billy Ocean to enthuse and inspire grant applications may have been cast away, but when it’s around International Talk Like A Pirate Day, how can I not try to tediously and cheaply exploit it.

After all, if we step to starboard on the legal, ethical and moral questions around real piracy and gander only at the romanticised Treasure Island types – the quest for grant applications has much in common with it. To list but a few similarities, yer always after the loot, venture out to get it and reviewers might ‘ave ye guts for garters (so to speak), stay in port and your idea might stagnate or be eaten by shipworm, and the grog’s crap too.

But just think what ye could do with all that treasure!!

Data collection, archival visits, RA’s, Impact activities, conference attendance,buyout

Moving your research along with the help of grant resources might be worth all the scurvy and ballast you endure to get it.

Although this week it be slim pickings on new opportunities, below are just some of the open or reoccurring funding opportunities currently available. For more, please look aft to previous emails from us, board Research Professional – an online funding opportunities database and alert service to which Keele is a subscriber, or get in touch.

If ye’d like to discuss any of these, any other funding that may be available, or for just a chat and sea shanty about your research idea, please get in touch.

Yo Ho Ho!



AHRC Standard Grant >>> and <<< Early Career Standard Grant 

The Arts and Humanities Research Council, under its research grants scheme, invites applications for its standard route grants. These support research projects by enabling individual researchers to collaborate with, and bring benefits to, other individuals and organisations through the conduct of research related to the arts and humanities. Grants aim to achieve the following:

  • assist researchers in all areas of the arts and humanities;
  • support projects that lead to significant advances in creativity, insights, knowledge and understanding, of interest and value in the research community and in wider contexts;
  • enable arts and humanities researchers to pursue and bring to completion in due time collaborative research projects that require leadership from more than one single scholar;
  • enable arts and humanities researchers to establish or enhance effective working relationships with fellow researchers;
  • provide opportunities for less experienced researchers to develop their expertise and careers by working with senior researchers and by leading projects themselves.

Applications must include one UK principal investigator and at least one co-investigator involved in the development, leadership and management of the proposal. The co-investigator needs to have suitable academic experience and must be based at an overseas research organisation of significant research capacity. A statement from the head of department of the international co-investigator organisation is required. The project must lead to significant joint-authored research outputs.

Deadline: OPEN 


ESRC Standard Grant

The Economic and Social Research Council invites proposals for its research grants. These support individuals or teams to conduct standard research projects, large-scale surveys and other infrastructure projects or methodological developments in any area within the council’s remit. Proposals can be for basic, applied or strategic research.

All UK HEIs, research institutes, and independent research organisations approved by the council may apply. Proposals for two or more linked projects may be submitted, and research proposals may be submitted jointly by more than one applicant but require one of the individuals to be regarded as the principal investigator. Collaborations between UK researchers and those in other countries are encouraged. Furthermore, business, third sector or government bodies based in the UK can also be included on the proposal.

Research awards can be made for up to five years. Grants range in size from £350,000 to £1 million at 100 per cent full economic cost.

Deadline: OPEN 


ESRC – New Investigator Grants (Replaces the Future Leaders Scheme)

New Investigator Grants form one element of our support for early career researchers and the scheme is specifically aimed at supporting those looking to make the transition to an independent researcher through managing their first major research project. These grants replace our Future Research Leaders scheme. The call is open to high-quality candidates from anywhere in the world who have a maximum of four years’ postdoctoral experience and the support of an eligible UK research organisation. Grants ranging from £100,000 to £300,000 full Economic Cost (fEC) can be awarded. Proposals are welcomed across the full disciplinary range of the social sciences and at the interface with the wider sciences, however the social sciences must represent at least 50 per cent of the research focus and effort.

Deadline: OPEN


AHRC Networking

The Arts and Humanities Research Council invites applications for its research networking scheme. This encourages discussion and exchange of ideas on a specified thematic area, issue or problem through facilitating a short-term series of workshops, seminars, networking activities or other events. The aims of the scheme are:

  • to support collaboration and the exchange of ideas across boundaries, primarily between researchers in the arts and humanities, as well as with colleagues in other disciplines and other stakeholders in order to explore a particular theme, issue or problem;
  • to enable groups of researchers and other stakeholders to explore ideas which could lead to tangible projects and maximise opportunities for advances in creativity, insights, knowledge and understanding in the area to be explored, with results of value both to the arts and humanities research community and to wider contexts where they can make a difference;
  • to encourage and enable researchers within the research community to involve new researchers and research students, as well as people or organisations from outside the

academic and research community, in the discussion and development of ideas;

  • to foster international collaboration and the development of strong academic links with overseas researchers, in order to develop understanding through engagement with different cultures and parts of the world, and to enhance research standards;
  • to provide a framework for the AHRC to learn of emerging areas of intellectual urgency and potential strategic importance, both within the UK and internationally, identifying key research challenges by building new collaborations as well as strengthening existing ones.

Deadline: OPEN 


Leverhulme Project Grant

The Leverhulme Trust invites proposals for its research project grants. These support innovative and original research projects on a topic of the applicant’s choice. The trust welcomes applications for research in any academic discipline, however, the Trust does not fund: applied medical research; policy-driven research aiming to assemble an evidence base for immediate policy initiatives; research of which advocacy forms an explicit component; research which is aimed at an immediate commercial application; research in which the balance between assembling a data bank or database and the related subsequent research is heavily inclined to the former; research in which the main focus is on capacity building, networking, or the development of the skills of those involved.

Deadline: 3 review dates per year (speak to the FRO for more information)


British Academy Small Grant

The British Academy, in association with the Leverhulme Trust, invites applications for its small research grants. These support primary research in the humanities and social sciences. Grants may be used to facilitate initial project planning and development, to support the direct costs of research and to enable the advancement of research through workshops or conferences, or visits by or to partner scholars.

Applications for individual and collaborative projects are equally welcome. International groups of scholars may apply, provided the lead applicant is a UK-based scholar.

Grants are tenable for up to two years and are worth between £500 and £10,000.

Deadline: 12th October 2016


Wellcome Trust Seed awards in humanities and social science

The Wellcome Trust invites applications for its seed awards in humanities and social science. These enable researchers to develop compelling and innovative ideas that may go on to form part of larger grant applications. Research may fall under any field of humanities and social science that enriches the understanding of human and animal health. Eligible activities include pilot and scoping studies, planning sessions and meetings of collaborative networks.

Applicants may be individuals or groups, and must have a PhD or equivalent professional experience. They must be based at an eligible institution in the UK, Republic of Ireland or a low-to-middle-income country. Collaborators elsewhere in the world are also allowed.

Awards typically range from £25,000 to £50,000 over six to 12 months. Funding may be used towards research expenses, research leave or teaching buy-out, materials and consumables, equipment, and travel costs.

Deadline: 3 review dates per year (speak to the FRO for more information)


Our digest of funding opportunities is provided by Richard Smith, Faculty Research and Enterprise Officer at Keele’s Faculty of Humanities and Social Science.

If you want more information on these, or other opportunities, Richard can be contacted via email at




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