An introduction to Under Construction @ Keele

The prospect of academic publication is one of the most daunting sides of the postgraduate experience. Besides being a considerable undertaking alongside the completion of your dissertation/thesis, it can often seem like the Holy Grail; something that, if achieved, would confirm the legitimacy of your research and prove to yourself and to others that you actually know what you’re talking about!

Because of these apprehensions, which we all deal with at one point or another, publication can be an intimidating prospect. The decision to apply can be a big step in the postgraduate journey; often a step into the unknown, with obstacles and procedures not encountered up until that point in your studies.


It was a desire to help students familiarise themselves with these issues, and gain fluency with the process of journal article submission, that inspired the creation of Under Construction @ Keele, a postgraduate journal for the Humanities and Social Sciences. The journal is made up entirely of work written, edited and published by Keele postgraduates, and was established in order to allow students to develop their understanding of the application and writing process. Whilst the UC@Keele committee strives to ensure that the experience runs as close as possible to that of any external journal, the aim is to also create a friendly, more inclusive atmosphere, so that its contributors are better prepared when the time comes to apply ‘in the real world.’

We publish issues twice a year, in December and June, so our current issue is well under way, with the call for papers for the next issue set to go out at the end of the year. Our journal is mostly a digital publication, although a small number of physical copies are available across campus.  In terms of our committee, we have roles in editing, communications, publicity and peer review co-ordination, with vacancies in at least some of these roles usually coming available at the end of each issue.

For more information about the journal, as well as our past issues, you can visit our website.

We look forward to working with some of you in the future, either as contributors or committee members!

This post was provided by the Under Construction @ Keele editorial team. If you have any questions or want to contact the team for further information they can be found here:
Twitter: @UCKeele




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