Funding Opportunities – 15/05/17

Funding Ops + 12th May 1967 and Wayne’s World = I’m coming to get you

In May 1967 The Jimi Hendrix Experience released their debut album Are You Experienced in the UK, and from this Foxy Lady is the focus of this weeks tenuous pop culture/funding opportunity. In Wayne’s World, Garth was too shy and nervous to try and talk with Dream Woman.

But with the right song (in this instance, Foxy Lady), he was able to move past his insecurities, mime, gesticulate and hip thrust his way towards his target. Some might call this highly questionable at best, but if you can do the same with the funding opportunity of your dreams, the pay off for your research plans could be significant, and we encourage it*.

To help, as usual below are just a handful of the opportunities currently available which might provide resources to take your research forwards. Many more are on our previous emails or through Research Professional – an online funding opportunities database and alert service, to which Keele is a subscriber. All staff have access on-campus and you can setup customised searches and alerts. Previously highlighted opportunities are also available on the Faculty Research Blog:

If you would like to talk about these opportunities, any other funding that may be available, or would just like an informal chat about your research ideas please just get in touch.

*We do not encourage mimes (ever), recommend you only employ civil gesticulations, and that HR be consulted in advance of any hip thrusting. 
Many thanks. 
The AHRC is launching its 2017 Film Awards to find new and emerging talent that straddle the worlds of both filmmaking and arts and humanities research. This award is designed to showcase, reward and recognise the best of the growing number of high-quality short films (defined as no longer than 30 minutes) that are linked to arts and humanities research. For the third year running, there is also the “Inspiration Award” which is open to members of the public, provided their film has been inspired by research in the arts and humanities.
Awards will be made in five categories and the winner of each category will win £2,000 to be invested in their future filmmaking activities. All applicants must accompany their submissions with supporting text which must detail how the film is directly linked or influenced by arts and humanities research.
Deadline: 4pm on 6 July 2017
The British Academy invites applications for its resilient cities and infrastructure call. This supports interdisciplinary, problem-focused research programmes that address the challenge of creating and maintaining sustainable and resilient cities in developing countries, recognising the need to interweave mitigation and adaptation. Interdisciplinary research from across the social sciences, humanities, natural sciences, engineering, and medical sciences which tackles the challenges of urbanisation and infrastructure development in an integrated way is supported. Expertise in planning and construction, housing, transport, health, social welfare, education, demographic change, climate change, air pollution, ecology, and the provision of public services,such as water, sanitation, and electricity, may be required.
Deadline: 7th June 2017 
The British Council, under the Newton Fund, invites applications for its researcher links trilateral workshop grants. These stimulate longer term links between the UK, Kenya and South Africa, as well as contribute to the personal and professional development of the participants. In particular, the trilateral workshops aim to build capacity across Sub-Saharan Africa for the establishment of Research Chairs and Research Centres of Excellence. Workshop proposals should include an explanation of the mutual benefits to the UK, Kenya and South Africa country researchers and institutions. They should also explore any potential longer term benefit that might arise, thinking about who might benefit and how, and describe the actions that will ensure that potential impact is realised. Multidisciplinary proposals may include natural sciences, social sciences and arts and humanities. The following research and innovation challenge areas will be prioritised:
•food security – a priority research area for South Africa;
•sustainable and renewable energy;
•environment and climate change – a priority area for South Africa;
•manufacturing for SMEs;
•governance and conflict resolution related to development;
•cross-cutting themes.

Deadline: 13th June 2017

Health Foundation: Tender: Research proposals are invited on the topic of young people’s future health prospects
The Health Foundation is beginning to implement a long-term strategy to improve people’s health in the UK. The Foundation are inviting proposals for research to further the understanding of factors that shape young people’s future health prospects, as part of a Health Foundation inquiry on the topic. The project requires a research partner with a track record of high quality policy and practice research in the field of young people (specifically between the ages of 12 and 24 years old and transitions to adulthood). The aim is to produce a quantitative picture of the factors that contribute to today’s young people having healthy lives, now and in the future, and recommendations for the actions necessary to improve future health prospects.

We anticipate bids of up to £180,000 for research completed over 18 months, by March 2019.

Deadline: The foundation will hold an information call on Wednesday 17 May 2017 with a closing date for applications at 12 noon on Monday 5 June 2017.

The Leverhulme Trust invites proposals for its research project grants. These support innovative and original research projects on a topic of the applicant’s choice. The trust welcomes applications for research in any academic discipline, however, the Trust does not fund: applied medical research; policy-driven research aiming to assemble an evidence base for immediate policy initiatives; research of which advocacy forms an explicit component; research which is aimed at an immediate commercial application; research in which the balance between assembling a data bank or database and the related subsequent research is heavily inclined to the former; research in which the main focus is on capacity building, networking, or the development of the skills of those involved.

Deadline: 3 review dates per year (speak to the FRO for more information)

Our digest of funding opportunities is provided by Richard Smith, Faculty Research and Enterprise Officer at Keele’s Faculty of Humanities and Social Science.

If you want more information on these, or other opportunities, Richard can be contacted via email at

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